The Provider

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Sharon was a young mom of twenty. Her son, Ben was just four months old when his father left in springtime. This family of two have been on their own for only a few months now. Standing at the window, her gaze fixed on the autumn leaves settling to the ground, Sharon drifts into reflection. She and Ben had seen a lifetime of heartache in the time it took for the leaves to change. Motherhood was proving to be difficult. A recent graduate of childhood herself, she was really raising two people. For Sharon, it seemed hardly possible.

Sharon and her baby were all alone in this world. Fatigue was her closest companion. With two years of college before baby, she was able to get a job that paid just enough for rent and groceries. The abandonment by Ben’s father left her without child support. They were making it, but barely.

Yesterday, Sharon was asked to donate food for a neighbor whose family had been starving. Sharon couldn’t bear to see another family go without. She knew too well, how hard that can be. She quickly opened her cabinets and grabbed everything. She emptied her fridge too. Out of her motivation to help, she didn’t realize that she had given all she had. At dinner time, she and Ben ate leftovers from a community event they had been to the day before.

The next day, while looking through her mail on her way back from the mailbox, she found an unexpected letter. Upon opening, she saw that it was an urgent tax bill. Her eyes widened as her heart sank. The letter said that if she did not submit payment immediately, they would garnish her wages. This would jeopardize her rent money; she couldn’t lose her home! Scraping together the last of her money, she paid the bill.

She turned to her kitchen cupboards to begin preparing their dinner, and they were empty. Even the half cup of rice left in the bag from six months ago was gone. Her fridge had only a small box of baking soda and a light bulb.

The baby must have picked up on her despair because he started to cry. As she sank to the floor, head in hands, Ben’s cries turned to wailing. Now, she was crying too! They both cried until they fell asleep. A couple of hours later, she was startled awake. There was a knock on the door. Feeling spent from crying, and listening to her son cry, she got up and slowly shuffled to the door. Upon opening, she saw that no one was there. As she was about to shut the door, she looked down. There in front of her, on the ground was a big box. Certain that the mail service made a mistake, she checked the label for an address. It was for her! Surprised, and confused she tried to pick it up, but couldn’t. It was too heavy.

With all of her strength, she managed to scoot the box inside. Cutting away the packing tape, and pulling back the flaps she saw that the box was full of food. It had to be three times the amount she had given away! She opened the letter that was laid on top. $300 in cash fell out. Quickly unfolding the letter, she read:

” Dear Sharon,

You are not alone, and you have not been forgotten. With one act of tremendous generosity, you’ve out-given the rich. You have shown great compassion.

Please accept these gifts as a reflection of the generosity you’ve shown. I will send you another one just like it every month. You are seen; you are loved.

Yours, faithfully

The Great Provider”

And every month from then on, she opened a full box just like the first one. Cash included. They came every month until Ben grew up.

For this, she gave thanks.

The End

Happy Thanksgiving from: Lady Rock’s Tales

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I am a new writer with stories to share, illuminating humanity, offering creative word imagery to mend wounds, comfort the broken-hearted, while offering hope, and perspective. My dream come true is to introduce you to the One who heals wounds. (Jesus Christ)

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