It Started With a Dream

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It happened one night as I was drifting off to sleep. I was all snuggled up under the covers; my eyes were heavy, body exhausted, and head sinking into the pillow. The events of the day seemed to fade away, and soon I was off in dreamland.

In what felt like ten seconds, I awoke; alert. Where was I? I was certainly not in bed, nor my room, for that matter. Looking around, I heard only one thing. “Drip, drop, trickle,” was all I could hear. Nothing more, and nothing less. The air was misty, and the space around me, dark. It was cold in this dark and empty place.

I moved two steps, in what direction? I could not tell. Not even my own footsteps broke the silence. Peering down at my feet, I could see that I was standing on the ground; it was dark, cold, and damp. Lifting my left foot to step, a dim, but glowing light appeared. The light shown just enough to perceive that I was in a cave. Glancing down to see where to step, I felt confused. There were pathways leading off in all directions and each of them started right from where I stood.

Taking a guess, I took a third step moving to my left. The silence broke for a brief moment. “It’s not that way,” I heard a voice say. I looked around intently to find the one who spoke, but I saw no one. Feeling scared, I stopped; I took three steps back. Tentatively moving in a different direction, I heard nothing more than the same ” drip drop.”  “Which way do I go, go, go?” I called out, but all I heard was my echo. The glowing light brightened ever so slightly, and now radiated warmth. ” I have got to get to that light,” I whispered to myself.

My clothes went from damp to drenched as I moved faster, attempting to reach the light. But no matter how many steps I took, the light seemed to escape me. Obviously my navigation toward the light was a futile effort. I felt a tightness in my chest, and realized that I forgot to breathe. I stopped, drew in a breath, and exhaled an outcry of frustration; “Where am I,  I,  I ? Where do I go, go, go?” I felt so alone.

Just then, the light extinguished itself. I gasped. At first I was terrified, then angry, and flustered. I opened my mouth to yell, but my voice was gone. Only sounds of wind, and distant waves crashing were heard.

“Tink!” The cave was completely illuminated! The source of the voice was still a mystery, but the way out was now obvious. As I moved forward, determined to exit the cave, I saw that the light was leading me. Leaving the cave, I saw the shoreline. It was dark outside. Moonlight danced on the swells, as the tide came in. What a breathtaking sight. Stars speckled the night sky.

Right before me, there hovered the source of the voice I’d heard. He was glowing with soft white luminescence. His presence was noticeably sheer. He had bare feet and they were not on the sand, or wet from the water. His eyes seemed to peer all the way into my soul!

“But,…” I blurted out, ” I don’t believe in ghosts!” He responded with patience, ” I am not a ghost, child.” Reaching his hand out, I placed mine in his. ” I am here to guide you,” he said, tenderly. His voice pushed past my ears, through my mind, and beckoned my soul. My heart fluttered.

I still had questions that I wanted to ask. “Where are we going?” Or, “Where am I?” And, “Who are you?” Somehow, none of it mattered. He held my hand in his, and I was content. Somehow I knew I was safe.

We hovered the shoreline as we moved forward. Along the coast, was a village filled with people. They could not see us. I observed men, women, children, and babies living and working in a less than lively community. They wore clothing made from animal skin. Their conversations were inaudible to me. It was like we were in a bubble. One thing was obvious. No one smiled.

My guide led me on. Next, we came near another settlement. This looked more like a compound with its’ tents and sheds all neatly lined up. In this place, I saw only men and boys. All inhabitants were dressed identical. They were in matching green clothes resembling a uniform.

No one interacted with the other. All seemed to be driven with a strong sense of purpose. Their faces had no expression, at all.

I looked over at my guide, and tears were falling like bricks from a high rise. Opening my mouth to try and offer comfort, my voice was still gone. My eyebrows pulled in tightly over my eyelids, and I looked at him inquiringly. He saw my concern, and smiled. He attempted to reassure me.

I looked back to the shoreline as our journey continued. We passed by many ocean side communities; they were as far as the eye could see. We made no other stops. He seemed intent to complete the journey.

Sunlight was beginning to breach the horizon. Our journey was at its’ conclusion. I looked at my Spirit guide for an explanation, farewell, or…something.

He spoke with clear, and melodic tones as he told me how our journey was meant to show me something. “Show me what?!” I prompted him abruptly. “You had to start where you were, to see where they are,” he said. “These colonies were from where time began. We moved forward in time, along the way.”

I looked into his eyes, intensely focused. His message seemed very important to him, and I wanted to understand. “You had to see,” he struggled through emotions while trying to explain. “What has been and what will be…” “Yes?!”  I interrupted with anxious inquisition.  “Could you not see their despair?” He probed. “They must know that I love them.”  Next, came the clincher. I heard him say “To save them from a fate worse than death; they have to know that I love them.” ” I need someone to tell them,” he seemed to ache with concern. Tears puddled in his lower eyelids as he seemed to flinch in pain. ” Unless you tell them I love them, they have no chance of survival,…at the end,” he said, sorrowfully.

“The end of what?” I had to know! He said, “…at the end of days; dear one.” That message hit my heart like a thunder clap. I felt the heaviness in the moment. I tried to relate. I wanted to match his concern with mine. My efforts were fruitless. Reflecting back on our ocean side tours, I remembered that no one smiled. They seemed either sad, angry, or empty.

Afraid to disappoint him, I stuttered “Uh…I uh…um…..I’m not sure it should be me.” He turned, and stood directly in front of me. Now holding both of my hands in his, he looked into my eyes, as though intent on viewing my soul. “Will you be my messenger to the people?” Asking solemnly, he said “Will you do it?”

What is holding me back?” Looking away, I questioned my heart. Just then, he touched my cheek and I looked back at him. Our eyes locked for a split second, and then my chest began to ache. Aching turned to gut-wrenching pain! I doubled over, feeling like I had the wind knocked out of me; I nearly threw up.

“That pain you feel, is the feeling of heart break,” he declared. He told me “I have given you the love I have for them, so that you may know with first-hand urgency that they should be spared.”

Feeling his heart for them, I no longer needed to ask what or why. His concern was now my concern. “Yes,” pausing, and then I repeated loudly “Yes!” With much resolve, I said, “I will go! I will be true! I will give them your message; I will go, as you’ve called me to.”

“Well then,” he smiled. Pausing for a deep breath, and then with a sigh, he said, “prepare yourself. It will be like nothing you’ve imagined; it will be better!” He assured me with one final statement, “With me as your guide, you will not fail.”

And, with that,… I woke up.

The End

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I am a new writer with stories to share, illuminating humanity, offering creative word imagery to mend wounds, comfort the broken-hearted, while offering hope, and perspective. My dream come true is to introduce you to the One who heals wounds. (Jesus Christ)

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