Roxy and The Great Wall

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Vroom rumba vroom! You could hear her revving up the engine in her small, but powerful sportster. Just a hair shy of reckless, Roxy screeched around corners; she loved the thrill of driving fast. The vehicle? The Spirit 2000. The driver? She is Roxy; a child of The Living God. She was raised by custodians on this earth, but when she became of age, her wheels turned, taking her to many far-away lands.

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Bearing the likeness of a car, the Spirit 2000 was no ordinary sportster. Oh, it had four wheels and a driver’s seat, but it was a cherry red, candy covered super racer. The front grill was made of shiny licorice twists; red, green, purple, and blue gumdrops embellished the trunk. With red, and white striped lollipops for wheels, and a pineapple life-saver as a steering wheel, it was truly one-of-a-kind. This motorized joy ride, with a trumpet shaped tail pipe, sounded just like a tuba when she got moving! (It was her spirit vehicle, rolling on the wheels of life.)

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On a day very much like today, while speeding along, she looked down at her radio, and “Crash!” She hit a wall. Stunned and disoriented, she tumbled out of her mangled vehicle. Looking up, her view foggy, she squinted, to try and read a sign in gleaming font. ‘Truth’ the sign read. This was “The Wall Of Truth“! Roxy had heard of this Wall! She was told that it was kept by an angry overseer.

Curiosity proving stronger than fear, she drew in for a closer look. Rather than running away from The Wall, she studied it. Words like ‘grace, mercy, and kindness’ were inscribed around the word ‘Truth’. Where the lettering was formed with flowers splashed with glitter, she saw her name!

It was then, that she recognized The Wall’s true identity. It was The Pardoner. “This was no accident!” She spouted out. Just then, like a magic hologram, The Pardoner took the shape, and sound of a human.

An extraordinary human, his scent was like sweet, summertime strawberries. He looked and sounded like ‘Amazing Grace’ personified! Kneeling down to her view, he introduced himself. He told her how much he loved her and how often he thought of her. “Don’t be afraid; you will not be put to shame”, he said. Love rippled to her very core.

She felt enchanted, but confused. She believed that The Pardoner was not this loving person standing before her. Roxy believed that he was The Pardoner-of the pitiful. “After all,” she thought, “how could I ask for more than a pardon, on my life? Right?”  “Wrong” he said,  perceiving her thoughts. “I love you with an everlasting love, Roxy.”

She was shocked, yet excited! She couldn’t wait to go and tell her friends about him. This Great Wall Of Truth was love. Looking away from him for only a moment, to check the damage to the Spirit 2000, The Pardoner faded back into the form of a wall again.

Her spirit vehicle was beyond repair. It was totaled. She turned back to see The Pardoner, but she only saw the wall. There was no one around, to ask for help. Feeling stuck, and alone, she became frustrated. Tears turned to sobs. While leaning against The Wall, she cried herself to sleep.

The next morning, she awakened to the sight of her sportster! The Spirit 2000 was mended, grafted, and remodeled as she slept. As she slept?!

How could this be? The accident was her fault, yet it was repaired, and restored while she slept. Studying The Wall, she looked for an explanation. Once again, The Wall transformed. There was The Pardoner. This time, he seemed to her, like a loving father, not just a pardoner. He simply said, “Behold! I make all things new.”

This loving father, motioned for Roxy to climb into her newly remade spirit vehicle. With a grin that seemed to reveal all of her teeth, she jumped in. The engine started up. With gears shifting, wheels turning, putting pedal to the metal, “shzoom!” She took off!

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To this day, Roxy is telling anyone who will listen, about her wonderful car accident. She runs a business now, drawing road maps, and programming GPS trackers. Destination? The Great Wall- Of Truth. She even offers curbside pickup to anyone willing to ride with her.

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Keep an eye out for her. She may be coming to a neighborhood near you!

The End

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I am a new writer with stories to share, illuminating humanity, offering creative word imagery to mend wounds, comfort the broken-hearted, while offering hope, and perspective. My dream come true is to introduce you to the One who heals wounds. (Jesus Christ)

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